View Full Version : 4x5 and larger, technique

23-Aug-2016, 00:21
if film did not cost as much as it currently costs ***
( unless it is expired it is too expensive )
would large format photographers consider being
a bit more spontaneous?
press cameras, slr's ( graphmatics and bag mags )
and magazine/box cameras all at one time
boasted " 12 shots in 12 or 15 seconds " .. but in
this day and age people are thought to be
less than serious if they don't take a long while
to compose. read, prepare for, say a prayer for, and expose.
some have even suggested if you expose large format film "fast"
you are "wasting resources" ...

if large format film were cheap would you be more spontaneous ?
or are long - exposures just a way to kick back and relax?

*** meaning panchromatic film being as inexpensive as xray film>> cents/ sheet ...

Michael R
23-Aug-2016, 06:40
Wouldn't change my B&W habits or the way I photograph, technique etc. But if colour film and/or processing were cheaper I'd make more colour pictures.

Oren Grad
23-Aug-2016, 09:00
If the full cost of exposing sheet film were lower, then yes, I'd use more of it. Cost includes both buying the film and either the time and materials I need to spend developing it or the cost of having a pro lab do it.