View Full Version : Copal shutter service in Canada

18-Aug-2016, 12:20
Anyone had a Copal shutter serviced recently in Canada? Vancouver is closest to me and there are a couple of repair places there (Camtax and Vancam) but I figured I'd ask for recommendations here. I'd ship anywhere in Canada but prefer not to ship to the USA for repair if I can help it.

The slow speeds have become erratic so I'm hoping it's a straightforward service issue.

Bob Salomon
18-Aug-2016, 12:40
Any camera repair shop can fix that shutter. That is one of their most basic jobs.

Kevin Harding
18-Aug-2016, 13:18
Neither Vancam nor Camtex have particularly good reviews online. I recall once deciding that Vancam was the better option - for some reason - and phoned them to ask about a shutter capping issue. The person on the phone didn't instill confidence.

21-Aug-2016, 14:39
Anthony, I've been sending shutters and lenses to Roger at Camtech (Hamilton, ON) for a number of years, and he's always done a good job at an excellent price.

21-Aug-2016, 17:13
there is a chap in Toronto (Roman Gutman) that works on film cameras
he has done an LF shutter for me
here is his email


you can send him an email and ask

24-Aug-2016, 10:13
Thanks for the replies everyone.

I e-mailed both Camtex and Vancam in Vancouver. Only Vancam replied and said they could do the job so I'm going to try sending it down there. Fingers crossed.

24-May-2017, 23:18
Just updating this old thread. As I mentioned, I e-mailed both Vancam and Camtex in Vancouver but only Vancam responded to me.

It took me a while to get around to it but I sent a Copal 0 shutter down to them this month as well as a Mamiya C330 shutter that needed work. They contacted me with an estimate quite quickly after receiving the package in the mail. Total turnaround time was about 10 days in and out of their shop. Prices seemed fair ($135/shutter including parts and labour). I tested the shutter speeds when they got back and things were much better.

So overall a good experience I will definitely send more work to them.