View Full Version : Carrying case for Graflex Series D 4X5

16-Aug-2016, 16:13
I carry all my necessaries for this camera in a small camera backpack. I am looking for a padded hard or soft case for just the camera. Inner dimensions would have to be 9" tall and 9X8 in length and width. I really only need it to have a handle on top but a removable shoulder strap would be OK as well.

Any ideas where to look for such a case?

16-Aug-2016, 17:04
Try hitting thrift and army/navy stores in your area, and see what you find... My main case was a oversized business triple deep laptop/ business computer rigid side soft bag, that was like new at the Goodwill for about $10... Has room for the 4X5 RB, and a divider that has enough room for a stack of film holders to stand upright next to it, and ample pockets on all sides for everything else you need... Outer size is about 18" L X 9" D X 12" H... This can be a little large for beyond tailgate shooting sites...

I have some smaller cube like bags that will only hold the camera I have found shopping... A useful field bag for the RB was a Eagle Claw fishing tackle bag I found at a K-mart sporting goods section, that holds the camera (on it's side), a couple of lenses, a roll back or some Grafmatics, and pockets on the side... With a good carry handle and shoulder strap...

The camera is an easy size for many types of bags/cases...

Steve K

16-Aug-2016, 18:01
look for a graflex fiber box usually used for a speed graphic
you can probably put it in there, no problems .. and have room for other stuff/\
if it was just the camera i'd say tenba nova 4 aw ... i use one for for a series D
but you can't really fit much other stuff in there

16-Aug-2016, 23:47
Oh, Randy, I just remembered something...

Another good camera cover would be one of those insulated lunch bags, the next size up from the one that would hold a six-pack, about 10 X !0 X 10" square... Some padding, water resistant, and even will keep cam warmer or cooler depending where you are... You can probably find some for a discount this time of the year as a summer blow-out...

I was reminded of these as I was loading film tonight, and use one to carry my holders...

Steve K

17-Aug-2016, 04:07
Since I want a case that will hold only the camera, the insulated cooler / lunch box sounds like that might be my best / least expensive option. Thanks Steve.

17-Aug-2016, 06:19
They used to be called 'steamer trunks.'

17-Aug-2016, 07:17
lunch bag is a good option. I use (at the moment) a luggage carry-on with some internal padding added. It's not ideal, I am looking for something better too.

Henry Suryo
17-Aug-2016, 08:44
A bit on the pricey side, but I would recommend this soft padded case from Lightware. Has extra room for several film holders, Grafmatics or bag mags. I don't have the shoulder strap on mine, but the handle is very comfortable.

http://www.lightwareinc.com/site/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.product_display&Prod_ID=26&Cat_Name=Soft Sides|Head Pouches&Cat_ID=12

17-Aug-2016, 10:55
If they cut the price by about $150 I'd buy one now!

Drew Bedo
17-Aug-2016, 14:01
I am with LabRat in suggesting Goodwill and other thrift stores for something to hold just the camera.

18-Aug-2016, 05:36
Search Amazon for beer bag, beer cooler, can cooler, etc. They have lots of choices and you can look at likely suspects to see the measurements. I use a six-can bag for 4x5 film holders, for instance. Here's something too big, but it's the kind of thing you can find there: https://www.amazon.com/Polar-Bear-Coolers-Holds-Cooler/dp/B00259FY1Y/ It's the wrong size, and too expensive, but just one of many, many possibilities.

Here's a nice one, cheap, just a bit big: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006HFBNYO/