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neil poulsen
14-Aug-2016, 14:18
I've been using this system as an exposure record for years. I thought that it might be of interest to others.

The basic idea is to print an exposure record onto 3/4"x3 1/2" Avery, removable, self-adhesive labels that can be attached to each film holder. This makes it easy to record information as each sheet of film is exposed. Labels include the following information:

>> Subject (Subj)

>> Location (Loc)

>> Development (D: as N, +1, +2, etc.)

>> Ref. Number (Rf: Not often used)

>> Film (F)

>> Lens (L)

>> Shutter Speed (S)

>> F-Stop (f)

>> Date (Dt)

It's not a great deal of information; but, it's all that I typically need. If I need additional notes, I can include a reference number on the label that points to those notes.

Being removable, the exposure record can be pasted into a log or onto a box to temporarily store the film until processing.

The system is pretty self-explanatory, so there's not much more that I can add.

(See photos.)

17-Aug-2016, 14:02
Looks good and fast while avoiding making mistakes.

I personally use an iphone app named Holders. Very simple but efficient, you 'load' the virtual holders together with your real ones then you 'expose' them with all required details.
It also support geolocalization and provides a feature to export results to pdf on 'unload'.

Very good system, but I must say I use also in parrallel a small notepad to sketch the scene and exposure zones...and to backup the app info, being an IT engineer I never fully trust software :)

17-Aug-2016, 16:17
I did try this once with Avery labels but had problems with removing some of the labels later on. My idea was to re-attach the marked labels onto the negative envelopes. Again had problems later on since I only included exposure and processing infer and not subject matter... an obvious mistake I realized later on when I tried to mach the labels to the negatives.

Victor Loverro
17-Aug-2016, 16:25
I had trouble removing the labels as well, then I put a strip of clear Scotch tape on the holder first and use Avery removable labels over that and have no problem with removal of the labels.

20-Aug-2016, 14:04
I use blue painters tape and a sharpie (easily removed with minimal residue), along with a 3x5 card for the full details for future reference. I could print your avery label and adhere it to the tape rather than the holder which would make it easier to remove.