View Full Version : Mod to RPT Cascade film holder case

Fred L
13-Aug-2016, 11:19
So when I've got different film loaded into the PhotoBackPacker (RPT) Cascade film cases, I sometimes grab the wrong one if I'm in a hurry.

I thought about adding luggage tags but decided velcro would be a better idea for identifying what film is in each case. Went to a local fabric store and got some 4" wide velcro as I wanted stuff that didn't have pressure sensitive adhesive on the back and because wider would give me more options for id tags.

If I could sew, I would have sewn the velcro patches on but alas, I didn't take advantage of my mom's industrial sewing skillz and learn how to operate the machine. So I used Gorilla glue instead which was easier. The stuff expands so I had to make sure it didn't ooze out from underneath the velcro.

I used a Sharpie medium point oil based pen to write an identifier on the other piece of velcro. Plan is to flip the label upside down when all holders have been exposed so I'll know at a glance which case has unexposed film.

This should make my life a little easier when I'm hurrying lol

Kirk Gittings
13-Aug-2016, 11:57
good one!