View Full Version : Restoration and modernization of tachihara 8x10 field camera

12-Aug-2016, 00:29

I buy a Tachihara hope 8x10 with changeable back plate types (not the springback) is the version or the glass is lifted and placed in the slide timber chassis to do some testing and other types collodion 8x10 I would also like to film shots "classic".

FYI the room did not come with a plate holder

So I have two questions:

- What type plate and plate holder size for the current back
- To make the plan-film, it will change back to a springback with chassis "modern" or a septum adapter types are there for plate frame it is possible to adapter ou find sing back or i need to do it myself

If you have information on DIY, I am taking my goal to restore it and I love tinkering but I lack info

thank you in advance

Tim Meisburger
12-Aug-2016, 06:40
I think the easiest thing to do would be buy and adapt a spring back. Next make a new spring back. And third, modify that back into a spring back. I made an 8x10 back for this type of camera and it wasn't too difficult. I copied exactly a 4x5 back, but scaled it up to fit an 8x10 holder.

Good luck!

12-Aug-2016, 17:04
Ok thanks