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10-Aug-2016, 13:47
I went to a presentation by Ms. Lang at the SFAI a few years ago, and was captivated by her images of Mongolia with a 4x5. I think that was one of the motivations I finally got into large format photography.

She will be missed:

bob carnie
10-Aug-2016, 14:04
Elaine Ling - I processed film for her, so sad to hear.

10-Aug-2016, 15:46
Elaine was a close friend and occasional travel companion as we photographed the rocks of the American West. We met and worked as workshop assistants for the Friends of Photography Workshops in Carmel, CA during the 1980s/early 90s -- until the FoP ceased functioning after their move into San Francisco.

She arrived in Canada at age four with her family from Hong Kong and eventually became a doctor -- and an incredible photographer. She traveled the world, using a Deardorff Special and Type 55 film. Mongolia, Atlas Mountains, Cuba, just to name a few. And I was able to show her the rocks of Joshua Tree, Alabama and Buttermilk Hills, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley...just to name a few. And she showed me the joy of living a life dedicated to the art of photography.

I can not find several images that I wish to share -- boxed up somewhere. Here is an image of a group of assistants and students at one of the workshops -- taken on an optional early morning fieldtrip near Moss Point, CA. It is just a scanned workshop pamphlet from the FoP from 1992, not very clear. Elaine is in white, I am just on the right of her. If and when I find more images, I will post them here.

Added: A 5x7 carbon print of Elaine at Joshua Tree National Monument

10-Aug-2016, 16:33
Richardman, Bob and Vaughn: Thank you for sharing your experiences you had with Dr Ling. I read the tributes in her obit, and what a beautiful person she was, physically and spiritually. What a renaissance woman! RIP Dr Ling.

10-Aug-2016, 16:38
one of my LF heroes; inspirational work, reminding me that I need to get the hell away from the 'puter and make more images/prints...

Jim Fitzgerald
10-Aug-2016, 20:08
Very sorry to hear this and my condolences to her family and to Vaughn. Loosing a good friend is always tough. I believe I may have met her at some point. A tragic loss.

11-Aug-2016, 09:48
Thanks Jim, she was the type of friend that one may not see for a year or two, but when you do, it was like you had never been apart. I found out late about her illness and she asked me not to be sad. I replied that I can not think about you without a smile coming to my face...and I always will.

Doug Howk
11-Aug-2016, 10:02
I only met her once during a reception at SMP Daytona. She was such a dynamic individual [a ball of energy], its hard to believe that she has left us. May her spirit continue among the stones she loved.

Jim Fitzgerald
11-Aug-2016, 12:18
Vaughn, I know what you mean. I've got friends like that too.

Kevin Harding
11-Aug-2016, 13:05
Such a beautiful person. It's plain to see the impact she had on her world. My thoughts are with her and everyone who knew her.

Andrew O'Neill
20-Sep-2016, 10:34
This is the first time I heard of her. I looked at many of her images on google. Beautiful work. It looks like she used mainly T55. It would be nice if an exhibition was organized and toured out this way. I'd love to see her work in person.

Kerik Kouklis
20-Sep-2016, 16:34
Wow, some amazing work and she seems to have been an amazing person. I was not familiar with her work before, so thanks for sharing. RIP.