View Full Version : 8x10 US Olympics Team photos

9-Aug-2016, 14:03
It seems like someone does something like this every year and here they are again. Pretty cool.


9-Aug-2016, 14:05

There's some cool bts photos in this article too.

9-Aug-2016, 14:22

David Karp
9-Aug-2016, 15:41

Pere Casals
9-Aug-2016, 18:01
Impressive !

9-Aug-2016, 18:05
dude..shoot film!

9-Aug-2016, 18:34
awesome results from what is probably RC paper!

10-Aug-2016, 05:38
He used photo paper rather than film because of he thinks film is too expensive?

10-Aug-2016, 07:50
film is the cheapest part of that whole endeavor. Seems silly to not use it yet go to all the trouble of shooting 8x10. Frankly, I wasn't really impressed with most of those shots. There were a couple of the soccer goalie that were decent but the rest seemed really meh (regardless of film vs. paper).

10-Aug-2016, 08:13

10-Aug-2016, 19:18
I watched until I saw him put them on a scanner.

Michael Graves
11-Aug-2016, 13:39
...Frankly, I wasn't really impressed with most of those shots...

Oh, whew! I'm not the only one that thought that project was a waste of a perfectly good Tachihara.

11-Aug-2016, 13:45
I watched until I saw him put them on a scanner.

So the images were acceptable enough to pique your interest to watch. Then you stopped because he uses a process you don't think it belongs.

All these times, I thought it's the image that matters.

(Personally, I don't think the images are great either, but that's another story)

Daniel Stone
12-Aug-2016, 14:12
Maybe we should ALL consider giving him a pat on the back and some positive reinforcement, rather than a slap in the face, for even attempting to shoot this kind of project onto 8x10. No matter the originals being RC paper negatives...
I'm sure he has a (constricted) budget to work with, so he's using ingenuity to create something different rather than just settling for shooting it on digital like of of you tightwads here most likely would :p

I tip my hat to him.


12-Aug-2016, 18:37
Hear Hear!

24-Aug-2016, 10:11
Let me see...

First Generation: RC Photo Paper.
Second Generation: Epson Flatbed Scanner.
Third Generation: Invert Image in Photoshop.
Fourth Generation: Additional processing in Photoshop... For final B&W Production.
Fifth Generation: Display 'Scaled' images on Monitor (860px 682px 'At best') for Web viewing.

"You get the idea"...