View Full Version : Why can't I stay logged in?

6-Aug-2016, 18:59
Yes I checked the save button.

6-Aug-2016, 22:10
Does your cache regularly delete/clear?

6-Aug-2016, 22:19
Try a different browser, it might well be easier than chasing down a bug in your current browser.

Ralph Barker
7-Aug-2016, 07:06
In theory, the system is supposed to automatically log people off after a certain period of inactivity. For years, that is exactly what it did to me, while others were able to stay logged in indefinitely, with long periods of inactivity. More recently, however, I've been able to remain logged in for an indefinite period. My guess is that it relates to the cookies that are set during login, but I haven't been able to track it down.

7-Aug-2016, 07:24

These are the common cookies for this site.
I have deleted those that relate to tracking, or possible commercial interests.

It appears that lastvisit and lastactivity expire one year after being set.

7-Aug-2016, 13:47
Bill, check to see if those cookies are present. I wonder if something happened to cause your browser not to accept cookies.

Rick "whose work-computer browser dumps all cookies routinely" Denney

7-Aug-2016, 15:42
Thanks for fixing it, whoever and whatever you did. Hope it lasts.