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Randy Moe
2-Aug-2016, 10:08
Seems many here need basic electronics for DIY projects.

Here is a website with lots of that info. I shop there and have no pecuniary interests.


David Karp
2-Aug-2016, 13:09
Thanks Randy!

Nodda Duma
2-Aug-2016, 16:17
Btw Jameco is a legitimate company... The Electrical Engineering group at work orders stuff from them all the time (as well as from Grainger, Digikey, etc).

I have no ties to them, just pointing out they are legit and well-known in industry.

Pali K
2-Aug-2016, 17:10
Thank you Randy!

Randy Moe
2-Aug-2016, 18:30
This is another good supplier for tiny cheap electronics. They teach how to program and use micro controllers/computers. Watch their videos.


Drew Bedo
4-Aug-2016, 17:18
Capacitors? A TV repair neighbor (old-time CRT/tube TV) once told me, "Its not dangerous if you keep one hand in your back pocket."

5-Aug-2016, 07:38
it's still dangerous, even then.

Jim C.
5-Aug-2016, 07:45
FYI 600v flash capacitor in a DSLR is not lethal, don't ask me how I know :rolleyes:

Randy Moe
5-Aug-2016, 07:47
it's still dangerous, even then.

Not many are repairing old CRT. I have "restored" a couple nice wood cabinet TV's by throwing out the old guts. I save the tubes and put a cheap LED TV inside. Faux fool

Alan Klein
5-Aug-2016, 12:36
Can't recall the coding of capacitors but for resistors it's Bad Beer Ruts Our Young Guts But Vodka Goes Well. (Black 0 - Brown 1- Red 2 - Orange 3 - Yellow 4- Green5 -Blue 6 -Violet 7- Gray 8 - White9 ) There are some vulgar sayings for this too that I won't repeat here but can be found here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_electronic_color_code_mnemonics.

Michael Graves
5-Aug-2016, 13:31
Capacitors? A TV repair neighbor (old-time CRT/tube TV) once told me, "Its not dangerous if you keep one hand in your back pocket."

Yep. And my uncle, also an old-time CRT/Tube TV repairman ended up in the next room, flat on his back, because he believed that. We were all amazed that he just walked it off.

5-Aug-2016, 13:42
CRT voltage is usually very high. We had several sailors killed every year working on systems with them, when I was in the Navy. One of my systems had a difference of potential in the power supplies of 5000 Volts. Just sitting there, on little test pins. You had to know what you were doing, and we were VERY well training in the Navy. There was not a "keep one hand in the pocket" rule, but there were rules about standing on rubber mats, using shorting straps, wearing 10,000V gloves on certain systems, and more. But anyway, capacitors are cool.

5-Aug-2016, 22:52
Learned electronics in the Navy. Hard ass Master Chief instructor. Version 2 of the resistor color code chant was "bad boys rape our young girls but violet gives willingly" My buddy had a capacitor blow up and the metal top hit him directly in the eye. Back then, not all the tops were scored so it could open, not launch.

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Alan Klein
6-Aug-2016, 22:10
That's the second I was talking about however I learned it in the USAF.