View Full Version : Pelicase 1510 - does a Sinar F2 fit?

29-Jul-2016, 11:00
Hello everyone,

trying to put together a solution that makes transporting a Sinar F2 Kit easier. I'm looking at a Pelicase 1510 (particularly since it's the largest Pelicase that could be used as a carry-on with most Airlines) and I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with the combination of a Sinar F2 and the Pelicase 1510. Does it fit when using the foam pad? How much space would be left for accessories such as lenses and film holders?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and appreciate other solutions to make transporting it more comfortable.

Thanks in advance!

29-Jul-2016, 12:03
I don't know about fitting the F2 in there, I used to keep a Technikardan-S 45 with a lens mounted inside the 1510, though.
I suggest using dividers, not the foam; the dividers will give you more flexibility, and room, to arrange your gear; the foam falls apart eventually, and doesn't protect as well anyway.
Also, the lid kit is extremely useful for the smaller objects (cable release, loupe, filters, etc), so I'd suggest that as well.
As for those awful wheels...: http://www.davidfearn.com/blog/2013/2/peli-case-1510-wheel-mod

Bob Mann
29-Jul-2016, 12:46
TrekPak makes a very nice divider system for the 1510. You can see it at B&H website or on EBay.