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29-Jul-2016, 08:28
Hi all,

In an effort to procure replacement lamps for my Screen Cezanne at an affordable price, I have recently been able to get my company listed as a reseller for Screen parts. As a service to the LFPF, I would like to offer our members who use these scanners the chance to purchase lamps at the wholesale price + all related shipping/fees.

I am planning one bulk order soon for myself and anyone else who is interested. Due to changes in Screen's parts availability I may not be able to order anymore after that. In fact I have been told there may be limited quantities available already. From what I understand Screen is already dropping support for the Cezanne scanner this upcoming month.

Currently I am able to offer the lamps at a cost of $450 per pair, including all shipping - payment by PayPal only. Additional PayPal fees may apply depending on your choice of payment type, and shipping will be fully insured by UPS. If shipping turns out to be less than I estimated you may get a partial refund on the above price - yes, unfortunately the lamps direct from Screen are indeed still that expensive. Right now I'd like to offer this only to known active forum members. After the first bulk order I will likely try to reorder late in the year or early 2017, to get some more in my inventory. I must require an up-front payment to order for you and likely it will be the end of August before you receive it as I am out of town for 2 more weeks on business.

FYI, this post has been approved from the moderation team. I am not trying to setup a business for Screen parts and service - I am only making this offer on the lamps for our membership to help keep them running. I am likely ordering a few sets for myself.

Thanks and please feel free to discuss/ask questions in this thread. Any and all requests for lamp orders should be directed through Private Messages or email, thanks.

Peter De Smidt
29-Jul-2016, 09:26
Great job, Bryan! If you have a Cezanne, you really should pick a set up. It's highly unlikely that they'll ever be this affordable, or even available, again.

15-Aug-2016, 10:35
Thanks Peter. I've ordered sets for me and those who contacted me. Sounds like for now they have plenty in stock.

I will probably order another batch later this year to keep a good number in my inventory for the long-haul, and can provide them for interested parties again. I will post again when I'm about to make another order.

9-Oct-2017, 01:11
Hi Corran,
I need lamps for my Cezanne. Do you still have it?

10-Oct-2017, 06:32

I am currently not providing this service again. I would consider doing another bulk order if there was enough people / orders, at an appropriate price. Shipping these is quite expensive, both from Cezanne and then on to the user, and I lost money at the above price. I also only offered this to known members in good standing on this forum.

For retail sales, I may be able to point you in the right direction. Please private message me.