View Full Version : Question about 5x7 holder for Imacon X1

Chester McCheeserton
21-Jul-2016, 16:44
Does anyone with direct experience know if the 5x7 holders sold either from B and H or the 3rd party ones from China allow 5x7 film to be scanned full frame - seeing strips of clear rebate all the way around?

Thank You

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
22-Jul-2016, 02:05
I have the model FT 646 and with it I bought a 5x7" holder Part No. 50200409 - 12x172 (cm) It scans 5x7" almost full frame but you have to tape down the corners so that the film does not move within the holder during the scanning.

Chester McCheeserton
22-Jul-2016, 08:52
Thanks Gudmundur, that's very good to know. Funny, was just watching the video of you and Wayne Gudmundson the other day, and also saw your book in the Reykjavik Photo Museum bookstore. The very nice lady who worked there directed me to the contact sheets of Magnus Olafsson when I told her I was interested in Icelandic landscape photographers of the past, was fascinating to look through a few of them.