View Full Version : Best adhesive for magnets in Jobo CPE2

Simon Benton
21-Jul-2016, 12:38
Can a member recommend the best adhesive for attaching the magnet to the Jobo CPE2 plastic drive wheel. I have tried a variety with no success. Holds for a short time and then gives way. Thanks for any suggestions.

Drew Wiley
21-Jul-2016, 12:54
Lightly scrub the gear with some strong solvent like acetone, then let it evaporate. If the solvent etches or hazes the plastic, it's gluable; if it doesn't, its probably some kind of poly-plastic which won't accept glue, which would make perfect sense for this application anyway. After all, there's a reason all these glues are sold in polyethylene tubes to begin with. They don't interact!