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Bruce Schultz
20-Jul-2016, 08:41
Will this Saunders cut mat board? The write up says it will cut up to 3mm.


20-Jul-2016, 09:15
While it may cut 1/8" board, its really not meant for cutting mat board. For one thing, it doesn't have a squaring arm for insuring straight 90 degree cuts nor does it have a bevel cutter for cutting windows. How would you even cut a window with it?


Bruce Schultz
20-Jul-2016, 09:28
I didn't say I was cutting Windows. Just for cutting boards to size.

20-Jul-2016, 09:56
While it could, I think it's the wrong tool for the job, and may end up making it less
precise for when you need it to be. I'd use a real mat cutter, expensive but probably
worth it. That being said, I haven't bought one myself and still buy pre-cut mat-board.

Drew Wiley
20-Jul-2016, 12:03
You could force it through a piece of 4-ply matboard if you had to; but the basic answer is, NO.

Daniel Stone
20-Jul-2016, 16:30
A 60" straight edge from Home Depot + a high quality retractable knife works great for me. Total cost was under $25. Blades are cheap too, change them often

Jon Shiu
20-Jul-2016, 18:02
I've used a Rotatrim Mastercut paper trimmers to cut down 4-ply for many years. Cutters still work fine.


Drew Wiley
21-Jul-2016, 08:49
That's called doing it the hard way.

Jon Shiu
21-Jul-2016, 08:57
Actually, quite easy, fast and precise. But I already have the cutters and wouldn't necessarily buy one for cutting down mat board. Great for trimming paper, though. If you have a mat cutter, there's usually a straight cut attachment. Good to have both paper trimmer and mat cutter.

21-Jul-2016, 09:44
I use a Dexter Mat Cutter to cut matboard down (I use a lot of 8ply fronts and 4ply backs) from the standard 32"x40" sheets. Its turtle-like shape fits my hand well and I clamp down a long straight edge to cut down the 32x40s; and to cut smaller pieces, I use the Dexter with the matboard on a simple Logan mat cutter. There are tricks of the trade one learns, and they are often driven by the tools one uses and gets use to. I like the way I get a good clean cut in one pass with both 4 and 8 ply and the way it is easy for me to adjust blade depth. While I can easily see someone not liking the Dexter at all, I am using the same one I bought 40 years ago back in college when I was cutting mats for students and faculty in exchange for beer. (A shiny well-fitting tool, art, and beer -- the good life!)

While I used it to cut windows for a few years, I switched to a Logan cutter for that. The Logan cutter for straight cuts is also a nice tool. The disadvantage of the Dexter is that it can slightly emboss the back of the matboard if too much down-pressure is used. Cutting 8 ply does take some arm/hand strength!

Doremus Scudder
21-Jul-2016, 11:10
I didn't say I was cutting Windows. Just for cutting boards to size.

Unless you cut a lot of non-standard sizes, it's often easier to buy mat board pre-cut. You can get many standard sizes and they'll have perfect straight cuts and square corners. I use 14x18, 16x20, 20x24, 22x28 and 30x40. I get them from Redimat. They have a large selection of rag boards (I use Alphrag) and colors.

Save your rotary trimmer for photo paper.