View Full Version : Marrutt Refillable inks - opinions?

Daniel Stone
19-Jul-2016, 18:41
Hey all,

I'm looking at potentially purchasing an Epson P800, and came across Marrutt, who make a refillable cartridge kit for the P800:


Has anyone used Marrrutt products before and could compare results/finish/permanence to the stock Epson inks?

I'd be printing both color and b/w


17-Oct-2016, 01:26
I have an Epson 2400 - I use third party refill ink from "Farbenwerk" ... IF you go with 3rd party, get high quality ink like what Marrutt/Lyson ... Just to insert a contrary opinion here: the problem is not 3rd party inks, it's Epson.help for printer refilling (https://123hpprintersupport.com/hp-deskjet-5735-setup.html)

Kirk Gittings
17-Oct-2016, 06:59
Daniel, you should look at the Aardenberg longevity tests on the new Epson inks "The trends are very solid now, and the I* metric analyses are clearly demonstrating the light fastness superiority of the new UltraChrome HD ink compared to the older UltraChrome K3 ink set"-like double previous ink sets. Full article hear http://www.aardenburg-imaging.com/epson-p600-60-megalux-hour-light-fade-test-results-published/. IMHO unless third party inks could match this, I'll happily pay for the Epson inks.

17-Oct-2016, 09:23
Personally, as of this date...

I would still be very 'wary' of using Marrutt (Or any other 3rd party Refillable Ink Cartridges) --
With an Epson SureColor P800 Printer.


Therefore, please be guided accordingly.
Thank-you! -Tim.

Ken Lee
17-Oct-2016, 13:26
Longevity aside, you might ask them to print a target for you, on your paper of choice, to see how things actually look.

17-Oct-2016, 17:53
Longevity and colour quality aside, my 2880 recently died because it had been sitting for a while with - gulp - non-Epson ink cartridges installed. It was so bad, even my printing expert friend could not revive it, so it went to the great ink pad in the sky.
You could argue that the idle time killed the 2880, or the cheap-o cartridges sealed its fate, or maybe it was a combination of both.
Whatever; I'm only using Epson inks from now on. I have a 4880 that I got at a killer price, and would hate to see it suffer the same fate because of inferior ink.
I'd advise that if you got the latest-and-greatest printer, don't feed it Spam, it needs NY Sirloin.