View Full Version : Help please! I can't identify the model of this Gitzo Tripod -- the sticker came of

13-Jul-2016, 15:16
Hi, I've searched online for HOURS and can not identify this model.

The sticker was partially removed -- of course!

The top of the legs don't have screws going in like the G224 and the base has a center post shaft built in. Additionally, the screws/hinges aren't branded with the name Marantz either.

It's certainly not carbon fiber.

The thinnest part of the 3 section legs have markings for height.

Thanks to any of those willing to take a look.152812

13-Jul-2016, 15:18
Here are some additional photos:

13-Jul-2016, 16:34
The older aluminum models were based on the diameter of the top tube...so that info will help.

It looks to a performance model (legs have more than one position spread out), a bit later than any of the examples I have owned, or do own. None of mine ever had a non-rotating center post -- a nice feature that yours seems to have (groove in center post). My guess either either the 200 or the 300 series. The 200 series also went be the name of the Reporter series, and the 300 series, Studex. So if it the 300 series, it might be a Studex Performance. But they discontinued these names at one point.

jose angel
14-Jul-2016, 01:31
I`m not an expert nor I have checked any brochure, but I`d think it`s a late french version (Mk2 -grooved post, removable spikes, marked bottom legs-) of a series 2 tripod (G1224?-Mk2-). The G224 you mention may be the Mk1 version of the same tripod.
I know it looks like an aluminum version of the G1227Mk2 (I have a G1227 Mk1). Certainly a good tripod anyway.
(All my series 3 tripods have removable center plates. I try to remember there was an old series 3 version with fixed center post -so it may be not the case-, also with "T" locks on the thicker tube, so I tend to think it is not a series 3. Just check the thicker tube... if thicker than 30mm a series 3, if thinner, a series 2).

14-Jul-2016, 07:21
Additionally, the screws/hinges aren't branded with the name Marantz either.

SHOULD READ: Additionally, the screws/hinges aren't branded with the GITZO name either.

Many thanks for taking a look. I've had suspicions it is the G1224 MK -- It's hard to find a good series of photos for it on the world wide web!