View Full Version : Durst CLS 501 - filter replacements?

12-Jul-2016, 23:54
I'm working with a Durst Laborator 1200 with a CLS 501 head and recently the magenta filter broke. Does anyone know where to get a replacement? What are the specs of the filter I'm looking for?

Any help is appreciated!

13-Jul-2016, 03:16
I'd contact Focal Point to see if he can point you in the right direction

13-Jul-2016, 11:39
Last time I check with Focal Point, he didn't carry any. He was able to cut them down for a cost, if that helps.

There is this place in the UK:


I don't know if the 50mm x 50mm size is too small.

Edmund Optics might be someone else to consider.