View Full Version : Does anyone know if Stouffer is still in business?

11-Jul-2016, 14:47
I've been trying to order a step wedge and cal target from Stouffer Industries since last week. Their website is up and their phone rings to a calling tree/voicemail, but no one replies to emails or phone calls. Have they gone under in the recent past or suffered a fire or something?

Michael Clark
11-Jul-2016, 18:48
Wonder if they ran out of Technical pan film ?

12-Jul-2016, 19:46
Perhaps company vacation ? Good time of year.
- however strange not to have some notice on phone

12-Jul-2016, 19:49
Finally got a reply back. Basically, everyone was gone, no one manning the ship, should be business as usual this week.

10-Nov-2016, 21:37
I just purchased two items from Stouffler - very good and helpful to deal with. They had the items at my back door in 6 days .Not bad considering I'm 9500 miles away from Indiana

11-Nov-2016, 10:05
I just recently ordered a few items - great service, prompt shipping - highly recommended from that perspective. Having said that, I likely won't buy from them again. Their idea of shipping might work for them but it ended up costing me more than what I ordered. Disappointing for something that weighed less than a Christmas card and fit in a small business envelope.

John Kasaian
11-Nov-2016, 16:51
I still can find their lasagne at the supermarket in the frozen food section.