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5-Jul-2016, 08:52
Just wanted to pop in and say hey from NYC. I've got a little experience shooting LF and I acquired a free Toyo rail from sperdynamite on here a few months ago but haven't used it yet because toting a rail camera around the city doesn't sound fun haha. I'm hoping to build up some bits of gear here within the next few months before I move back to Nashville where I can hopefully shoot a bit more work I'd rather use LF for. My background is in weddings and portrait but I started in automotive photography and want to do more of that with a more fine art feel and try my hand at landscapes. I'm looking forward to learning more on this helpful forum!

peter schrager
5-Jul-2016, 09:08
Use what you have...the best camera is the one you have

5-Jul-2016, 16:49
Hey brennan, I'm in NYC too. Moving a monorail around is a huge pain. I've only broken it out a few times. Hopefully you'll be braver and more willing than I!

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5-Jul-2016, 20:21
Oh I don't plan on taking it out of my apartment haha. Just gonna use it for some indoor portraits and still life maybe. I *might* take it just outside and around the block for some outdoor portraits but that's about it haha.

Andrew O'Neill
7-Jul-2016, 17:30
Welcome to the forum. I toted around a monorail for years before I got a field camera. I took many nice photos with that old Cambo.