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5-Jul-2016, 05:12
Hi all,

In the configuration menu on Epson Scan, do you guys with Macs and Eizo screens select the Colorsync option and the ICC profile you created when calibrating your monitor? Or is there no point in this? I assume this is what you would do if you want the colors to be as correct as possible? Experiences?

Have a look at page 128 (Scanning Color Accurate Images): https://files.support.epson.com/pdf/prv7ph/prv7phug.pdf


5-Jul-2016, 05:45
Read up on making a device profile for your scanner.

Using a monitor profile, in the place of a scanner profile made from a ColorChecker, or other target, will be wrong. The color space (Adobe RGB) is intend to define that of your system as is the gamma (2.2) you use for your monitor (also defined in the color space you are using).

Accepting the Epson Standard profile that is sent with your scanner is better that using a monitor profile.

The monitor profile characterizes your monitor.

The Epson Standard (supplied with your scanner) is a factory profile that characterizes your scanner. Making a scanner (device) profile of your own, specific to your scanner (using a color target that may have been supplied) will be superior to the Epson Standard.

I use Xrite iProfiler and the 24-patch ColorChecker to make my camera and scanner profiles. I have found it superior to all GretagMacbeth and other high end software (most of which were bought by Xrite and ended).

ICC and ICM profiles are almost interchangeable, although knowledgeable people will argue this topic.



6-Jul-2016, 01:13
Hi! Thanks for very helpful and explanatory advise. There was no color target supplied so I'll just stick with the factory profile. The Epson Scan default gamma setting was 1.8 though (I assume because I am using a mac), but I changed this to 2.2 as this is the gamma setting on my screen - I guess thats OK?