View Full Version : Room lighting affect scanner?

28-Jun-2016, 05:31
Embarrassed to admit that I don't know this.

My image scans (in past weeks after a two-year inactivity) are coming through rather light (as compared to the printed source).

I've a 48" overhead two-bulb fluorescent light about six feet away from the scanner.

Could this be making my scans come through in too light of shade?

Ken Lee
28-Jun-2016, 05:45
Turn off the lights and find out ?

Jim Jones
28-Jun-2016, 06:28
Perhaps your scanner's default settings have changed. Gremlins seem to do that to my scanner in much less than two years, or maybe I do it and forget to restore them.

28-Jun-2016, 07:25
Turn off the lights and find out ?

Many thanks.

Duh! Knew there was a simple answer ;)

FWIW, after turning the light off there was no difference in shade.

Replaced the scanner with a spare-new (same brand and model) and the scan was darker. Believe this is my last spare. May have to go shopping for an outdated workhorse, which I've had at least six of.

The scanner software has a simple and advanced mode. I use the simple the majority of the time, which doesn't vary the standard settings (at least beyond a selection DPI, and Color or Gray). The advanced mode is a whole nother creature.

Thanks again for the prompt suggestions.

Doug Fisher
29-Jun-2016, 07:32
What brand and scanner model? Have you tried taking it apart and doing a cleaning of the outgassing fog buildup on the underside of the glass and any optic components that are easily accessible?


29-Jun-2016, 17:31
Many thanks Doug.
The scanner that was bad was cleaned three times in past 6-7 weeks (I've been unusually active in scanning during same period).

The new scanner glass also required cleaning, because they were all (at least this model-brand) sipped from the factory with a heavy have on the underside glass.