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27-Jun-2016, 11:56
Hello all,

Michael Marks and myself, Richard Pippin, are offering a different kind of workshop here in Staunton Virginia in July. Check out the attachment and get in touch if you are interested.

Shenandoah Valley Workshop with Richard Pippin and Michael Marks
July 29th – July 31st, 2016

Manu Propria Photographic Studio is excited to offer the Shenandoah Valley Film Photography Workshop with Richard Pippin and Michael Marks. The workshop will provide a unique experience in a friendly environment for photographers who wish to make satisfying images using black and white film, printed to the highest archival standards using traditional wet processes. Participants will get first hand experience shooting black and white film using 35mm cameras that are inexpensive and accessible, as well as a unique experience of making beautiful hand crafted archival contact prints from large digital negatives derived from original 35mm negatives.
We know that most people interested in black and white film photography and the artistry of making traditional wet prints do not have access to a darkroom or are intimidated by the concept. This introductory workshop is designed to quickly make you familiar with using 35mm film cameras, proper exposure technique, film development and how to use composition to create compelling images. This will be accomplished through lectures and field experience at several locations in and around the charming town of Staunton, with one-on-one guidance from the instructors.
And since we are in Staunton, we will stop and visit The Camera Heritage Museum, the largest camera museum open to the public in the US. There we will get a tour and learn a lot from museum Curator David Schwartz. This is a rare opportunity to see how camera technology has evolved over the years and to look at some unique and extraordinary gear.
Then we will demonstrate how to create handcrafted prints with a minimal amount of equipment and no darkroom requirements whatsoever. This can be accomplished using digital negatives that can be easily produced and then printed to the size of the final print, working with either Platinum/Palladium or Kallitype emulsions that are hand coated on paper and then exposed with either the sun or a UV light source for exquisite results. Workshop participants will then be able to work with digitally produced 8x10 negatives made from Richard Pippin’s original 35mm and medium format film negatives. But anyone who has explored this avenue can bring his or her own digital negative to the workshop to print.
The result is that participants will be able to leave with a finished 8x10 contact print they have made, as well as the confidence to be able to make and print meaningful personal images back at home.
Attendees can bring up to ten prints for instructor review. Be prepared to learn a lot, work hard and have fun!
Michael B. Marks
Richard Pippin

D. Bryant
28-Jun-2016, 06:41
All of this in 3 days! I'm impressed!