View Full Version : Brexit and the Cost of Ilford LF Film

26-Jun-2016, 09:49
Now that the dollar buys more British pounds, I wonder if the price of Ilford film will decline here in the states?


26-Jun-2016, 09:55
Ilford pricing in the US is substantially lower then it is in Europe already and are as are, as far as i can tell the cheapest in the world. It is cheaper in many cases to buy + pay shipping in the US then to get it locally in Europe.
The price for ilford film in the US as an import have nothing to do with the value of their respective currency and are artificially and arbitrarily set by the importer.
The Euro and GBP vs USD have already crashed gradually over the past 2.5 years but film prices have only seen increases. If anything, a weaker EU and UK economy will only potentially increase prices.

26-Jun-2016, 11:44
I doubt Brexit will have much impact on U.S. purchases one way or the other. The sky isn't really falling.

Kent in SD

The Joker
26-Jun-2016, 11:57
In the UK VAT was increased by 2.5% to pay for the recession. LOL. Well VAT was introduced to replace purchase tax and raise the EU annual subscription when we joined the EU 40 years ago. So In theory, since its been 8 years since the recession hit and because we no longer need to raise EU subscription, VAT should drop drastically. My bet is it won't drop a penny.

Oren Grad
26-Jun-2016, 13:26
It might, if the pound stays down for an extended period. Or it might not. Depending on raw material sourcing, exchange rate changes could end up increasing Harman's production costs accounted for in pounds. And there are many factors beyond cost at the factory that go into a distributor's choice of pricing strategy for a given market.

Time will tell.

In the meantime, we are not going to host a debate on Brexit and public policy.