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24-Jun-2016, 21:27

I'm having some difficulty with a person at a shipping company. I bought a bundle of photography books from various places and got them sent to a freight forwarding company in Navada. Their job is to bundle them together to send to Australia in the one box. The idea is that I don't pay for 5 separate shipments and therefore risk 5 losses of smaller items. However, this prat has told me that they can't ship a pornographic book. News to me! I thought it was a photographic book!

I'm assuming there is one in particular that is causing grief. The shipping company is closed at the moment.

Any chance I could re-direct the shipment to a fellow LF photographer for them to mail it to me?

The Art of Boudoir Photography: How to Create Stunning Photographs of Women 1st Edition

ISBN-13: 978-0321862709 I believe. (The Amazon page has two ISBN numbers)

Seriously makin' me mad these people...



25-Jun-2016, 06:08
I guess you will have to state where in Nevada, for pick up, as the prat won't likely mail it anywhere in the US either.

25-Jun-2016, 12:59
I think they'll mail it coz I pay for it to be mailed and me paying means more money...

I just need a kind soul to offer to turn it around for me for a price ... Sadly, I purchased it through Amazon and they don't seem to indicate any issues in sending it directly! It seems to be just a prude at the shipping company.