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24-Jun-2016, 13:27
This was funded and the Monhegan exhibit has happened. It's moving to Rockland now. I don't know my personal schedule yet, but if anyone wants to make sure I'm there, it can be arranged.


i have one LF photo and some MF photos in the exhibit officially but may have more for extra wall space. David has some alt process stuff from non-LF photos.

Press Release:

Monhegan Photo Fest 2016 is coming to 25 Oak Street in Rockland starting June 30 for a photo exhibit, talks, and events.

During the past winter a varied team of photographers worked together online to create an exhibit and event to recognize, encourage, and promote the art of photography on Monhegan. The island is iconic in art history for painters and has had a few well known photographers at times. Photography as it’s own art form for the island has never had teamwork and organized appreciation until now.

Brothers David and Steven Aimone, local photographer Jason Philbrook, and visiting photographers Penny Hoey and J Michael Sullivan make up a diverse group of photographers for the first year of the event.

A successful indiegogo fundraiser this winter and spring raised $4785 from 55 backers to get the event started. Monhegan Island Sustainable Community Association is the chosen recipient for 25% of the proceeds of sales of photographs and catalogs. Many backers were local Mainers who support the arts. Gallery space on the island was provided by Steven and Katherine Aimone at The Carina House during Memorial Day weekend for islanders and visitors. Many people were unable to visit the island for the exhibit or activities, so Jason Philbrook is opening up 25 Oak Street in Rockland for a more accessible “mainland” exhibit. Talks and instructional outings will be taking place as well. A Facebook page “Monhegan Photo Fest 2016” is at https://www.facebook.com/monheganphoto2016/ for people that want to learn more and keep up with the schedule for the event.

The exhibit opening event will be June 30 starting at 5-7pm and the exhibit will be open through the weekend (1pm-8pm) and week following (4pm-7pm). 25 Oak Street is in the heart of downtown, one block from the Farnsworth.

David Aimone
24-Jun-2016, 17:19
Thanks for posting, Jason! Should be a great show! Again! Even better! :)


And actually I have one Kallitype from 4x5" film in the show...