View Full Version : Lunasix 3 (or lightmeter with tele attachment)

24-Jun-2016, 00:42
I'm looking for a spot lightmeter. Could I consider Lunasix 3 with tele attachment (or other similar) as valid choice? Are they enough spot to be used in zonal system? or I have to look for a "gun style" one?
Your help is welcome.


24-Jun-2016, 09:59
It all depends on how exact you feel you need to be. The Gossen attachment measures at 15 and 7 degrees. Other spotmeter a measure at 1 degree. Viewing is different too - the Gossen attachment is like looking down into a small waist level viewfinder and spot meters more like looking through a SLR. it's a matter of need and desire. I use both and find 1 degree to be too precise for most of my needs.

24-Jun-2016, 10:51
With regard t zone system, if you really want to do it all the way you probably need a 1 degree spit meter.