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Joe O'Hara
22-Jun-2016, 05:49
I'm pleased to announce the opening of "Unclouded-- The Meditative Lanscape", an
exhibit of 20 silver-gelatin prints at the Warden's House Gallery in Mount Holly, NJ, starting
tomorrow. The show will be open Thursday-Sunday through August 21. Stop by if you're
in the area or say hello at the reception on July 9th.

I'll post a link with the gallery details once they get it set up.

22-Jun-2016, 07:50
Hi Joe,

Thanks for posting. Congratulations !

I'm in metro NY and would enjoy seeing the exhibit.
Hoping to have an opportunity get down to the Trenton area this summer.

Saw your website - beautiful work !

Good wishes,

Dennis Dilmaghani

Kirk Gittings
22-Jun-2016, 08:24
Good for you!

Richard Wasserman
22-Jun-2016, 08:25
Excellent news—congratulations!

22-Jun-2016, 11:14
Very nice work indeed! I must say, it's a pleasure to view a thoughtful body of landscape work that is not oversharpened, overmanipulated, overdone.

Merg Ross
22-Jun-2016, 21:12

Well seen and executed. Hope you find an appreciative audience.


David Karp
22-Jun-2016, 23:26

23-Jun-2016, 04:26
I wish I could, but congrats anyway, excellent work!


Chuck Pere
23-Jun-2016, 05:46
Love the work on your website. Hope your exhibit goes well.

Andrew O'Neill
23-Jun-2016, 09:58

23-Jun-2016, 14:12
Wonderful work, congratulations.

Joe O'Hara
24-Jun-2016, 08:24
Thanks to everyone for their kind remarks.

Here's a link with details on the gallery for anyone who plans to visit: