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21-Jun-2016, 14:06
Not LF photographer (medium format), but one of the best "Master of Light and Shadow" has passed away. Just less than two weeks ago, I tried to reach out to him to see if I can take a 4x5 portrait of him (we live in the same town).


If you read Chinese (which is where I heard it first):

21-Jun-2016, 19:16
Thank you. I was not familiar with his work. What a pleasure to see it.

22-Jun-2016, 01:43
I have been an admirer of Fan Ho for quite a while. A humble, gentle man of brilliant talent.
His interpretations of light are wonderful. Vale

22-Jun-2016, 08:02
Fan Ho was one of my favorite photographers. I purchased his latest book, a revisit of some of his old negatives, last year. His passing marks a sad day.

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22-Jun-2016, 10:46
I was fortunate enough to be in a show at Modern Book at a time when they were working on a book project for him.
He was kind to everyone, generous, genuinely interested in their work. His prints, masterful.

Drew Wiley
22-Jun-2016, 11:54
I've followed his work for a little while. A true master.

Alan Gales
22-Jun-2016, 12:53
Thanks for posting this. I wasn't familiar with his work before now. He truly was a master of light and shadow. His photographs are ones you just stare at in awe.

I couldn't read the Chinese link but it didn't matter. His photographs speak a universal language.

22-Jun-2016, 20:46
He was a remarkable artist with a wonderful eye for using light creatively.
Also a master in the darkroom.

His website shows a bit of his work:
Fan Ho website (http://www.fanhophotography.com/index.html)

Some of the images in the "New work" section include photographic manipulations.
Beautifully done.

Kevin Harding
22-Jun-2016, 21:06
His work is astounding. I can only hope to photograph in such a moving way as he did.