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18-Jun-2016, 17:34
the other night i was on my computer working with some photos, and when i saw that i had nearly 8500 file of photos that i hardly ever look at, much print i went into my dark room and thought of what i was missing. i have used the room for storage for years, and what a mess. i found my speed graflex, both 4x5 and 2x3, also my calumet. i gave it up when the divorce was final and found out that she had thrown away all my negatives, about 3800. so i started to clean up the cameras and visited the local camera store to buy some film. i stumble across your form and read a few of the articles, and thought there is great information here. i hope to shoot some film tomorrow in tombstone, and see if i remember what to do. i know that i had a lot of fun years ago, many years ago. i have to get some chemicals, but i have all the other darkroom equipment. i want to say thanks in advance as i have picked a lot of information already. continue the great work. thanks rcrull

Alan Gales
18-Jun-2016, 19:19
I think most of us tend to shoot more with digital and find we have less keepers. Large format has a way of slowing us down so we are more committed to each shot. So hopefully more shots that we want to print.

Welcome to the forum!

Andrew O'Neill
20-Jun-2016, 11:21
She threw away your negatives??? Glad you divorced her!!
Welcome to real photography and the LF forum! :)

Jim Andrada
22-Jun-2016, 19:14
Welcome from another Tucsonan (I think that's what we call ourselves)

There are several of us on the forum.