View Full Version : Aaron Siskind "Abstractions" at the Art Institute of Chicago

Kirk Gittings
16-Jun-2016, 14:22
This is superb and well worth a visit:

Randy Moe
16-Jun-2016, 15:41
I will see it soon and this. http://www.artic.edu/exhibition/van-dyck-rembrandt-and-portrait-print "his art history–changing series of over 100 portrait prints radically depicted artists on par with the most significant monarchs, diplomats, and scholars of the day. Presenting several etchings from the Iconography—on view for the first time in nearly 90 years—"

16-Jun-2016, 16:22
Went there last weekend.


16-Jun-2016, 18:59
Thinking I need to start looking for cheap flights to Chicago!

17-Jun-2016, 04:07
wish i could get there to see it ..
the college i went to had a print collection
and i was lucky enough to be able to give my library card
and get portfolio box and handle/look through
some of his work ( maybe parts of this series )
and harry callahan and handfuls of others ... quite a treat !
and when i was at his [AS] house he showed me some
of his work [sitting on a couch in his living room].