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14-Jun-2016, 00:33
My name is Hellen and I live outside Berlin.
I´made my way from 35mm to 6x6 and now finally to largeformat.
Newby to this format so I have a lot to learn.
I mainly shoot landscape.

Peter Lewin
14-Jun-2016, 12:55
Gutten tag, Hellen. Now that I have used up a good portion of the German words I know, always nice to have new members from other countries, both for different points of view, and to make a pun, different view points! Look forward to seeing some of your images, and as a group with a lot of years of experience between us, happy to answer any questions you may have.

Leszek Vogt
14-Jun-2016, 14:59
Welcome to the forum, Hellen. There is only one little verse that I know well in German....so I'm not going to repeat it and make a total idiot out of myself.


Michael E
15-Jun-2016, 10:19
Welcome to the forum!

Andrew O'Neill
15-Jun-2016, 10:53

15-Jun-2016, 12:06

15-Jun-2016, 12:25
Aye, welcome; I was in Germany not two weeks ago, but in the southwest, near the French border.
Very picturesque landscapes.

15-Jun-2016, 12:52
Hello, Hellen,

me, I am stationed outside of Berlin, too.

The other sunday, some LF-friends met at my house, so if you are interested in taking part for the next round, be welcome.

Always bright light,


Peter De Smidt
15-Jun-2016, 19:37

16-Jun-2016, 02:01
Willkommen Hellen!