View Full Version : Wet Plate and alt Print Workshop led by Luther Gerlach in Italy this September

Luther Gerlach
13-Jun-2016, 15:28
This September 10th to 25th the International Center for the Arts will be hosting my workshop in the beautiful hilltop town of Monte Castello di Vibio. The first week we will be focusing on wet plate collodion, focusing on negatives which we will use in the second week to produce salt prints. There will be day trips, including a private guided tour of Fratelli Alinari in Florence. There are three guest lecturers scheduled: Weston Naef, curator emeritus of the J Paul Getty Musem, Michael Wilson, director of the Wilson Centre for Photography, and Alan Griffiths, founder of luminous lint.com Participants will stay in private rooms in a 12th century stone convent overlooking the Umbrian countryside. Couples and families are welcome. Enroll now for 5% off. Participants may inquire about a one-week option. Click below for more information and registration

13-Jun-2016, 15:37
This will be an amazing experience for the lucky participants. I wish I could make it!

Luther Gerlach
14-Jun-2016, 09:45
Thanks, Tim!

Luther Gerlach
15-Jun-2016, 18:03
Excellent! This will be a wonderful experience, much more than just a workshop. The two of you are lucky - I doubt I'll ever be able to replicate the line-up of guest speakers and day trips we have planned to compliment the wet plate and salt print workshop.

15-Jun-2016, 19:21
Anyone who can make this should take notice!

Luther Gerlach
16-Jun-2016, 19:50
Thanks, Stone! I completely agree!