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11-Jun-2016, 15:41
Does anybody have or knows where to download the manual of the Jobo Duolab??


11-Jun-2016, 18:22
Jobo in Germany did have a download available, It has since disappeared. I have one of these little guys. Pretty straight forward. Fill the heater with distilled water by the funnel marked 1,2, 3. Number 2 heats the bath and turns on the motor. Number 1 heats the four deep tanks. Number 3 heats the front bath without running the motor. It's got a little wimpy motor. 1520 is biggest 1500 series tank you can use . 2830 print drum works. You cant balance a 2520 series tank cog slips. For a couple of rolls of roll film works great.
Not sure if Catlabs has a manual .

Deep tanks will take an 8x10 sheet film hanger. If I can help let me know. You can do more than these are designed for with a little care. I have a CPP2 but for a couple of rolls of film the Duolab works great.


14-Jun-2016, 10:41
Thanks Mike for the info, I was wondering what for where the 1-2-3 positions.
Is there a way to calibrate the temperature besides the knob with 24 25 38?

14-Jun-2016, 17:44
Position 1 directs heat to the 4 slot tanks (each tank holds minimum of 800 mL)
Position 2 directs heat to the water bath in front and turns on the drive motor (The water bath holds 3 L of water)
Position 3 directs heat to the water bath in front and turns OFF the drive motor (This is the position to use when pre-heating the bath and small chemical bottles before use)

You can calibrate the bath. I would not adjust unless it is way off. You need a very precise thermometer and a lot of time. Mine does well with temperature with factory settings.

If you pull the Temperature knob off there are two potentiometers, one towards the back for the slot tanks one to the front for the water bath. Turning clockwise makes temperature go UP.

This unit will only hold temps. to +/- 1 C, and it can take over an hour to come to a stable temperature. DON'T adjust when plugged in. I would recommend adjusting your development times slightly rather than adjusting the controls. 35C and 38C are standard temps for C-41,E-6 and RA-4. 24C works well with black and white.

These are nice little machines but are made to be used by hobbyists not professionals. I think it's fun but for serious work I use my CPP-2.
Hope this helps, Best Mike