View Full Version : cover removal (iqsmart3) due to oversized media

9-Jun-2016, 07:54
new member here have already spent better part of the day viewing the archives here on lfpf.

been using the iqsmart3 for several years and have studied all 200 pages of iqsmart's installation/maintenance (iQsmartPCMacIG_EN.pdf) file however, there is no inclusion as to removing the cover from the iqsmart3 base.

there are times when i am handed media (artwork, posters, etc.) over 20x32" in size which needs to be digitized. smaller artwork can usually be scanned from each of the four corners but even that's a stretch.

keep in mind there's electrical wires that lead from base to cover (transparency lamps, motor, etc). have any of the members here attempted this feat? is there any reference material to corroborate the methodology used? once removed/replaced any error messages that may appear on computer screen any blinking-light on the machine's start-button that need resolving?

or is cover removal only to be done by certified creole/kodak technician?

in case you are about to suggest using digi-cam on pedestal this is not an option. outsourcing to drum-scanner also is not an option.

thanks in advance.

Jim Andrada
12-Jun-2016, 00:28
Have you asked Michael Streeter at Genesis? He'll certainly know since he sells/services/refurbs them.

Isn't the limit the 12" width of the scanner glass (ie 20" with stitching overlap) not the length?

13-Jun-2016, 05:37
jim_andrada that is correct scanning area is, reputedly, 12x18. one needs to take into account issues such as stitch-overlap, non-image artist area flatness of material etc. some of the material we scan has in excess of three inches per edge wherein the artist does not have complete image.

thanks for the reference about m_streeter located his email/phone contact info and the plan is to contact him and, as courtesy, will rsvp his recommendation forthwith.

regards to all.

Jim Andrada
13-Jun-2016, 10:32
I know what you mean - I've seen a few pieces that had a small image on a huge medium. And I guess folding or trimming it down to fit isn't an option.;) One of my acquaintances has a nice business photographing large artwork on 8 x 10 and then scanning.

Apologies for not sending you Michael's e-mail address in the first place, I was away from my regular system.