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E5 Process
7-Jun-2016, 09:31

We are a London based darkroom (Hackney), who will be running a one day toning workshop, with Adrian Ensor.
We have four spaces left on our June workshop, which we need to fill. If you are interested, then please book on via our site:


Or contact use directly ContactE5Process@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Basic course info:
You will be creating your own prints from your own negatives in the morning, then learning and applying a series of toning techniques to these images in the afternoon.
PLEASE bring your own negatives, and we would recommend participants to this course do have adequate darkroom experience.

Dates: 18th June; 10am-5pm

Cost 125

E5 Process

Steven Tribe
7-Jun-2016, 11:45
A "small" error in the cost I do believe!

Oren Grad
7-Jun-2016, 12:25
The linked webpage shows the price as 125 rather than 3125; I've edited the post accordingly.

E5 Process
8-Jun-2016, 03:06
Thank you - apologies for confusion.

Price is 125 per person.

E5 Process