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5-Jun-2016, 08:29
I am looking to purchase a monitor for scanned Large format work (BW & colour), as well as digital slr files (d800).

It also has to do dual duty for basic productivity (word processing, emails etc) via a docked dell e7250. ( I will be using the monitor with an older MacBook Pro for photography/scanning with a longer term view of upgrading)

Ultimately I would like to somewhat future proof myself for photography but also would like to have good use for productivity)

Below are some candidates I have identified on the net. I would appreciate your suggestions and feedback regarding these or alternate monitors that would be a good fit

BenQ SW2700PT
Seems to stand out for its affordability and relative performance. It's priced at ~ 1000AUD.

Has anyone used this monitor or has a better suggestion within the same sort of price range?

Further, I have a spyder 2 monitor calibration sensor and wanted to confirm this woukd work with the internal hardware profiler or spyder software (Official documentation does not outline it as supported)

As an alternative to this, the Samsung u32d970q 32" 4K is also in the back of my mind. It's twice the price (AUD 2000) but it's 4K and seems to be reported as having an excellent performance.

My concerns with the Samsung ...

I am unsure whether it woukd actually be good for productivity(I am sure it would be wonderful for photography). Further I am not sure whether I could drive it with the e7250.

It does not come with a shade (not sure whether one can be bought)

It's 2x the price.

Randy Moe
5-Jun-2016, 08:41
Options change monthly.

4 or 5K is au courant.

I buy ASUS and need an upgrade as mine are aging.

So I will watch this thread.

Peter De Smidt
5-Jun-2016, 11:00
I've been using an NEC Multisync PA272W with the NEC Spectraview profiling system. I've been very happy with it, including for fairly high end commercial color correction.

5-Jun-2016, 11:34
just bear in mind that a 4K or 5K monitor may not be supported by the graphics card on your OLD mac book so check before you buy. There's a lot more pixels to manage in these high res monitors and the graphics card need to be able to handle them all.

5-Jun-2016, 11:39
Here's a second vote for the NEC Multisync PA272W with the NEC Spectraview profiling system. I have been very happy with mine, and calibration using SpectraView and their NEC-Branded iOne colorimeter is a breeze.

5-Jun-2016, 13:32

Leszek Vogt
5-Jun-2016, 14:15
3rd for NEC PA272W. Love the accuracy of this monitor.


5-Jun-2016, 17:32
4k is nice for photos. I don't like it for general computing. It would be nice for spreadsheet fiends. Something like the BenQ isn't bad. It's IPS and does the 2.5k or whatever they call it. I have a 27" Dell 4k at home for photos and a 27" Dell 2.5k at work for productivity stuff.

Only get 4k if your computer supports it. I'm not sure what your computers can handle. For 4k you most often need either a newish computer (within the last year) and/or a graphics card that will do 4k.