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Don Ciccone
3-Jun-2016, 15:01
I plan to scan large format B&W negs (up to 8x10) exclusively (no color) and would appreciate any information about how the Epson 850 differs from the 800. I'm told the two machines are identical but come with different software. I'd like to know what additional software is included with the 850 and whether you find it useful. The 850 is priced about $300 more than the 800 at B&H.

Thanks for any information/suggestions.


Jim Andrada
3-Jun-2016, 16:03
Well, if it's like the 700 - 750 the difference is because the X50 includes a wet mount carrier, but you're limited to about 5 1 /2 inches max width for the higher resolution central lens - so great for 4 x 5 and 5 x 7 and "almost" whole plate (you can stitch two scans) but semi-useless for 8 x 10. Although I've gotten reasonable scans of 8 x 10's placed directly on the scanner glass.

3-Jun-2016, 23:45
The 850 has different optics that enable a higher scan speed. No mention if they enable better quality, though the description of the differences sounds like it ought to improve contrast if nothing else.

Doug Fisher
4-Jun-2016, 07:42
>>The 850 has different optics that enable a higher scan speed.<<

Are you sure there is an optics change that is responsible for a "higher scan speed"? Are you maybe referring to the supposed optical coating that has been on the 750/850 but for which we have yet to see well-executed scientific comparison that produced a noticeable real-world improvement in scans?


4-Jun-2016, 08:39
Their marketing copy says the optics enable the higher scan speed. I don't have a 800 to compare to. /me shrugs

Jim Andrada
4-Jun-2016, 09:25
Or maybe the higher scan speed is because the LED's are faster to reach full output - ie same time to actually scan, less time to initiate the scan????? I didn't think there was much difference between the 7x0 and 8x0 except the new light source - of course I may be wrong as always (like my wife says)

4-Jun-2016, 09:56
The scan speed difference is supposed to be between the V800 and the V850, both of which are using LEDs. So it's not the light source.

4-Jun-2016, 10:55
I read online that the 850 has AR glass, or coated glass, while the 800 doesn't use the same glass.

5-Jun-2016, 09:03
I read online that the 850 has AR glass, or coated glass, while the 800 doesn't use the same glass.

I recently bought 850, instruction is like this.

Don Ciccone
6-Jun-2016, 14:53
I'm still uncertain about whether the 850 version is worth the extra $300 but I appreciate all the comments.


Doug Fisher
7-Jun-2016, 07:29
Tell us what exact characteristics you are hoping to improve/gain for the $300 additional investment and then maybe members will be able to give opinions whether the 850 is going to meet your expectations.


1-Jul-2016, 00:57
Wish to buy one one of those new Epson models 8x0, but i will hold on 750 for a while, and mine didn't come with a wet mount at all, i was able to afford it in the past even 700 was cheaper, but no regret so far.

Maybe the difference between 800 and 850 is with wet mount kit and software, not sure about the optics lens differences, but now it is up to you either to get 800 or 850, if you went with 850 then you will never look back or worry about what is missing in 800.

1-Jul-2016, 06:22
The 850 is worth it if you wish to wet mount. If not, get an 800. Or better yet, get an 800 and a Better Scanning wet mount holder. As a V700 owner, who has used a 750, there is little difference to justify the price. Epson should just sell one model and then sell the wet mount kit as an accessory.