View Full Version : 8x10 to 11x14 extension for a Century Studio Camera ?

3-Jun-2016, 10:43
anyone try to make one?

I have a spare, beat up Century 8a w/o a back.

I already have an 8x10, and a 11x14 would be cool

.. I wonder if anyone has tried to make an extension back like this before

22-Jul-2016, 15:30
I have the same problem DrTang, have you progressed with yours?

22-Jul-2016, 15:55
i made a back for my 8A using foam core and waxed paper and have used it for about 10 years.
i made a 11x14 paper holder as well. took less than 1.5 hours to do both. made a whole camera
( 4x5 that expands to 5x7 ) using the same "technology" and i made the barrel lens too.

Bruce Schultz
22-Jul-2016, 20:48
I took a Kodak 2d extension and widened it for an 11x14 century. It works ok if I keep everything on one continuous surface.

23-Jul-2016, 05:10
Bruce and jn.... Are you making a new rear standard and bellows or adapting what is there, I still haven't got mine yet it is at a mates house in another State waiting for him to trip over here to drop it off but I believe the opening in the rear is only10 x 10.

23-Jul-2016, 06:13
hi michael

i am securing my back / paper holder between the clips that would normally secure the back.
( the back on mine is much bigger than 10x10 ... )

1-Aug-2016, 05:37
Thanks all, I have mine in my hot little hands now and my back is 10x10 I will have to work out some angles but yes it will restrict movements for sure.

Jim Fitzgerald
1-Aug-2016, 07:30
Are you talking about just making the 11x14 back or the whole sliding carriage? My 8A has the sliding carriage that will take the backs from 11x14 down. Is this what you mean or just an 11x14 back that can be secured to the opening of an 8A. It can be done if you have something to use as a guide. I built a back for a Century but I forget what model. I had the carriage and built the 8x10 back with G/G to fit. Just need the wood and the skill to do it. As I recall it came out very nice.

1-Aug-2016, 08:31

I actually went to a fine cabinet maker with rough drawings and photos, and that very week...found an Empire 11x14 camera kit at a local garage sale

so.. I stopped with the conversion project

Jim Fitzgerald
1-Aug-2016, 09:22
Nice! Congrats!

4-Aug-2016, 05:26
I have one 8.5" X 15" film holder and have toy'd with the idea of making an expansion back to adapt to my 8X10 camera. I have not gotten very far beyond making some measurements and figuring how deep the extension has to be to prevent vignetting.

4-Aug-2016, 07:49
11x15 extension back for Deardorff 8x10.