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1-Jun-2016, 22:49
I just read this article


and made my own loupe in about 15 minutes.....wow...it just works and works well. Completely adjustable for my own eyes as needed, just add or remove threaded sprinkler pipe. I used an old ruined 35mm Olympus lens and took out the small glass elements in the rear, about 3/4" in diameter. Plopped one in the female end of a threaded sprinkler pipe, threaded another piece on top of it and cut off enough to make the focus work and viola, bad ass loupe...and parts left over to make several more.

Thanks to the author of that article for posting, the listed email address no longer works.


2-Jun-2016, 05:35
You (and the article) gave me a good idea... I have an old Leica projector lens that's been sitting in a box for a long time, and I think it can be made into a loupe (or 2) quite easily also, and I will be needing one :-) The existing plastic barrel on it probably can be used as well! Just ordered a new lens spanner as the one I have isn't deep enough, will get back to you here when/if successful.

Cheers, Bob

2-Jun-2016, 05:50
I've been using Kodak Carousel projector lenses with a hangy-hole drilled in the skirt for a piece of string. They work great, and because they don't rest on the glass, they can be tilted towards the lens in the corners. One or two fingers space the lens from the ground glass, for instant focus. $10 @ on Ebay, as many as you want, so I have them all over.