View Full Version : Gauging interest in "panoramic" developing trays

Tracy Storer
31-May-2016, 17:51
With some big projects wrapping up, I am looking for some other smaller things that might be of interest to the LF, ULF community.

Long skinny trays for tray processing 7"x17" or 8"x20" film.
I've seen various threads over the years of people using seed trays or other repurposed vessels for tray processing long skinny film and thought how nice it would be to have trays like the common flat bottomed Cescolite trays, but in a different form factor.

The economics of this venture are related to volume, the more I make, the lower the cost. The smallest worthwhile batch, based on my current assumptions, would have the trays retail at $35 each.

There is mold making involved, so there will be only one size.

Who would want them and how many would you want? If I get sufficient interest, I just might pursue it.

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Tracy Storer
31-May-2016, 17:52
Oh Gad...typo in the title.....PANORAMIC !

MODERATOR'S NOTE: crrected! :)

karl french
31-May-2016, 19:48
Yes, please. I think 12 x 24 inch trays would be perfect for both 8x20 and 7x17. I'd be up for 4 trays.

Jim Fitzgerald
31-May-2016, 21:23
Tracy, I would be in for four trays as well. The 12x24 would be fine for my 8x20's.

Oren Grad
1-Jun-2016, 09:50
I've deleted some posts that amounted to reasons why one shouldn't be interested, and responses to those. If you're not interested and don't otherwise have anything constructive to add, please just move along without posting in this thread.

Tracy Storer
1-Jun-2016, 16:50
OK, that's four trays each for 2 guys, 8 trays total.
I will need to make (and sell) at least 48 trays to make this happen.

Floor dimension might have to be more like 13" x 23"-24"

Oren Grad
1-Jun-2016, 21:25
Anyone who is interested in Tracy's proposal to produce a panoramic-format tray in the flat-bottomed Cesco-Lite style, please PM him to register your interest.