View Full Version : Replacing "pins" on large format backs?

29-May-2016, 20:49
As there title says, what do you use to replace the small metal pins that allow the film backs to clip on to your camera?


Peter De Smidt
29-May-2016, 20:58
I used brass rod of the same diameter from the local hardware store.

Lachlan 717
29-May-2016, 20:59
Small Bullet head nails with the head cut off and the resulting stub filed smooth/round.

Stainless steel.

29-May-2016, 21:12
I've used metal dowel pins (http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-metal-dowel-pins/)

30-May-2016, 03:25
I used small brass wood screws, clip the heads off after putting them in place and then file smooth.

Keith Pitman
30-May-2016, 05:50
Or, you can buy here:


30-May-2016, 12:42
That set looks well thought through, Keith. Thanks.

30-May-2016, 13:30
I used small nails with the heads clipped and the stumps buffed, but what I pulled out, original, were 1/16" brass, about 1/2" long, beveled on each end. I was switching the back to a different camera and the original pins (and the back, too) were too big. I didn't realize that pin diameter would be an issue, but it was.

Kevin Crisp
30-May-2016, 13:44
I also found small finishing nails with the exact diameter I needed. Tapped them in, cut off the heads with a Dremel wheel, carefully filed the edges smooth. Sounds like a lot of work but it didn't take very long. If you angle the installed "face" on the top of the nail, the back with snap on easily and be more work to pull off.