View Full Version : Epson V750 -- Not able to scan negatives?

29-May-2016, 12:14
My Epson V750 suddenly started acting up and I can't change the profile from "Positive" to "Negative."

Has this happened to anyone before?


Jon Shiu
29-May-2016, 12:47
I don't know that software, but you might check the cable from the lid to the base.

Light Guru
29-May-2016, 14:06
Does it work with the most recent Epson software?

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29-May-2016, 15:14
If you're using a Mac, it sometimes helps to remove the scanner from your list of devices, then re-install it right away.
System Preferences>Print & Scan

Larry Huhn
29-May-2016, 15:18
Have you removed the white reflector from the lid? I forgot to remove it a while back and I had the same problem.

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29-May-2016, 16:06
If nothing above works re-install SilverFast.