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25-May-2016, 04:13
So I've been out of photography for a year or so and have done a Hard drive reformat which means I lost a lot of knowledge and have reset all installs to default.
I used to use Epson Scan to scan my 5"x4" trannies at 16-bit 6400 dpi with 'large' thumbnail cropping (allows scanning beyond image area) and would end up with a 3.69 Gb file.
Now when I do this and try to open in Photoshop CS6 I get an 'end of file' error.
Even with 'mid' thumbnail cropping - same error.
If I want 'Large' cropping I have to downsize to 85% before I escape errors.
These are 1.89 GB files

Old 3.69Gb files open OK.

Has something changed in PS or Epson Scan?
Am I missing a setting?


Jim Andrada
25-May-2016, 09:10
You didn't say which scanner, but assuming a 700 or the equivalent and considering that the real resolution of the scanner is at best less than 2400 dpi not sure what you'd use 6400 for - that's clearly interpolated and usually only recommended for line art, not photographs. I'd be surprised if you could see much (or any) difference between 6400 and 2400. Aside from that are you on Windows or Mac? What OS? Anything else change in the intervening year? A few more details wouldn't hurt.

26-May-2016, 01:10
You're right it's the V700. I believe the optical resolution as determined by Sandy King is around 2400 dpi but the 6400 dpi is actual not interpolated. I don't want to get into the argument of scanning above the optical res - there are plenty of threads on that.
I'm on Win 7 Pro 64. Epson Scan is ver.3.9.2 and using Photoshop CS6. I may have been previously on CS5.

26-May-2016, 01:54
Try Vuescan and see if you still have the issue.

29-May-2016, 16:33
A 4x5 at 6400 ppi RGB 16 bit is 4.58 gb. Unless Epson Scan or any other scanning software can save to a .psb file, you're going to be out of luck. Tiff is limited to 4 gb and psd only 2 gb. Even on a good drum scanner, anything over 4000 ppi is almost always overkill (unless you're shooting TechPan with the best lenses) If you must scan at 6400, in order to downsample later to realize whatever the max detail that scanner is capable of, then you'll have to scan in sections and stitch it back together after the fact. I have to do that scanning 2-1/4 at 8000 ppi but only because the software I'm using only runs on Mac OS9 and there is a hard 2 gb file size limit there.

Jim Andrada
29-May-2016, 21:37
I know why we overscan and I'm pretty sure that the Epson scanners are already into overscan territory at 2400. But if you prefer the improved resolution you get with unwritable/unreadable files, by all means continue to scan at 6400.