View Full Version : Saunders LPL 4550 Enlarger Cover

Inayat Noor
24-May-2016, 10:08
Does anyone know if there is a cover available for the Saunders LPL 4550? In the past I used the same cover for the green egg ceramic cooker on my old Omega enlarger. Before I experiment around, has anyone used a cover for their Saunders?

Michael Clark
24-May-2016, 12:17
All I have ever used is plastic trash bags.

Chuck S.
24-May-2016, 14:00
They don't list enlarger covers, but https://www.digitaldeckcovers.com/ could probably make one to your spec for a very reasonable price, especially if it's a relatively simple shape. Send them dimensions. Everything is made to order, and shipping is pretty quick (1-2 weeks). Just bought a cover for the Epson 750M (for which they do have dimensions) - very happy with it.

24-May-2016, 15:42
Trash bags here also.

Oren Grad
25-May-2016, 06:59
I don't have a cover on my LPL 4500II as it's in fairly steady use and fortunately I don't have major dust problems with it.

The Beseler 23CII that's sitting on cinderblocks just outside my darkroom is covered by a trash bag. Many years ago when I got my first enlarger, an Omega C700, I figured I'd be a good boy and I ordered the dust cover listed in Omega's catalog. Turned out to be more or less a heavy-duty trash bag with a logo. At least we didn't pay very much.

David Karp
25-May-2016, 09:19
Trash bag on my 4500 II also.

George Richards
25-May-2016, 11:56
I went for the fancy Blue Bag version complete with draw string!