View Full Version : Hello from (near) Chicago!

22-May-2016, 14:32
Just purchased my first LF camera 2 days ago and now I'm here to learn as much as possible. Have shot 35mm film and digital. Time to step it up.
Burke and James LF with 3 lenses and a lens board! All for $125. 151123

22-May-2016, 14:52
Near Chicago where? There's a group of us that gets together once in a while if you're close enough to be within bicycle range of the Lincoln Park Zoo, more or less. Or willing to drive to us. :-)

22-May-2016, 15:04
OoOoO. That sounds interesting.
I'm in the suburbs. Villa Park, real close to Oak Brook.

22-May-2016, 15:37
Be warned, we're tediously geeky. Probably no gatherings for a while, though.

22-May-2016, 15:38
Welcome! Enjoy your camera.

22-May-2016, 15:55
Hey thanks.

Haha. Geeky is always cool hahaha