View Full Version : Cable release with slim end, or 90-degree adapter?

20-May-2016, 12:37
Howdy. I have a Wista 45D and bought a 90mm Super Angulon to go with it; the eBay seller said it was in a #0 shutter, but it turned out (to my pleasant surprise) to be #00.

The problem is: because the shutter is so compact, I can't attach my cable releases! The ends are too long, and they collide with the edge of the front standard. I can use the camera with the selftimer, but anything requiring bulb mode is Right Out.

Are there any sort of cable releases or 90-degree adapters I could attach to rectify this? Alternately, a little wireless cable release receiver would be awesome, but I don't think anyone makes one.


Illustrations of the problem:



Bob Salomon
20-May-2016, 12:43
Get a Gepe Wide Angle Extension. That should solve your problem.

Mark Woods
20-May-2016, 12:51
Or rotate the lens to a spot where there isn't an obstruction.

Jim Andrada
20-May-2016, 13:57
I use one of the extenders with a recessed lensboard but I hate to pay the better part of $50 for a 2 1/2 inch cable extender. Normally I tend to put my lenses on sideways anyhow so I can read the shutter/aperture marks when the camera is at my eye level. Sounds like the easiest solution is to just turn the lens 90 degrees as mark said.