View Full Version : Hass Intellifaucet Repair Question

Michael Mutmansky
18-May-2016, 13:23

My D250 has started to exhibit sticky valves I think... Not sure if the problem is that, but the temp will hang and not achieve the target at times, and the valve will let water through when it is turned off, which is not supposed to occur. I can unplug it and normally it will begin to work after a time or tow, but it has gotten more persistent, so it's time to solve the problem for real.

Has anyone had this problem? Will purchasing the internal seat seals solve this problem?


Richard Wasserman
18-May-2016, 14:10
I had a different problem with my Intellifaucet and called the company for help. I had a nice chat with Mr. Hass who was able to diagnose the problem over the phone. I received the correct part in a couple days. Great customer service!

Peter De Smidt
18-May-2016, 15:17
I had the same issue. Remove the system from plumbing. Turn it upside down. Poor vinegar into each line until full. Wait overnight. Reinstall.

Michael Mutmansky
18-May-2016, 16:30
Yeah... I got a very quick response from the company on this, which was a nice surprise. He said to use CLR or a weak acid to clear it as you describe.

I'm going to do it this weekend once I have these prints done I'm working on and see how it goes. I have to maybe do one more gum layer and then final clear to finish them up. Maybe I'll do one last size layer to lock in the gum layers.


Peter De Smidt
18-May-2016, 17:20
After a couple of hours, I use a dime to move with valve manually open and closed a few times, still upside down with vinegar in the tubes. Let rest over night. When I talked to Hass, he recommended vinegar over CLR, but that was awhile ago. Vinegar worked fine for me, and we have really hard water.

18-May-2016, 18:08
If the Vinegar does not work, at least Hass is still in business and will overhaul the valve for you, which should last another 20 years! I used the vinegar trick on my 20 year old K-250 and it works great. When and if it gets sticky, I'll send it in for an overhaul.