View Full Version : Spring Steel for Contact Print Frame

14-May-2016, 08:39
I have some old contact print frames on which I want to replace the springs.
The springs are broken on two contact print frames I picked up at a yard sale.

I know McMaster Carr has spring steel but I don't know which part number I should get.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.



14-May-2016, 09:11
Have any old hacksaw blades? They work pretty well for these sorts of flat spring applications.

Ted R
14-May-2016, 09:17
Another source is a spring from a medium size mechanical clock. You may be aware of this already, spring steel can be tough to work with, bending, drilling holes and cutting it to size can be tough. When the parts were made originally they were probably stamped and shaped while soft and then hardened. These processes are reversible, they are called annealing and tempering.

Jim C.
14-May-2016, 14:25
Part numbers will do you no good, you need to know the thickness of the broken springs to order from McMaster.

Know anyone that has a machinists caliper ? Even a set of feeler gauges would get you close.

Fr. Mark
30-Aug-2016, 13:54
When I built contact printing frames I used some work hardened aluminum strips for a couple and some
3/16 or 1/4" Maple shaved down at the edges to fit into the slots at the edge of the frame. The wood ones get a lot more use and still work well a couple years in.

Tim Meisburger
30-Aug-2016, 14:32
I used steel rulers, but if built another, I think I would go with wood as well.