View Full Version : How to Edit Post?

12-May-2016, 20:24
Hi, tried searching around the site but couldn't find an answer... On a post of mine at the bottom of the page it says "You May Edit your Posts" but I cannot see anyway to actually do it... Seems there should be an "Edit" button, but I don't see anything... just the Reply, Reply with quotes and such, Any help?

Thanks, Bob


Seems I found the answer... on this Post there is an "Edit Post" Button and I finally found the FAQ on this subject and it seems that sometimes an Administrator turns off that function on some threads, or the option to edit it expires after a short time period... not sure why that would be, but it obviously happens. So please ignore my question... still learning the ropes here.

Oren Grad
12-May-2016, 21:51
There is a fairly short time limit on post editing. Given that later posts in threads build on and often quote earlier ones, allowing indefinite editing of posts can lead to problems. Of course, after the editing "window" closes you're free to add a new post to the thread clarifying or correcting something you've posted earlier.

If there is some special problem with a post that's beyond the editing window, contact the moderators using the Report Post icon at the bottom of that post.

13-May-2016, 00:38
Thanks Oren, got it :) Maybe would be nice if the editing option stayed available until at least there are later posts, but that's probably difficult technically.

Had just wanted to clarify something, but I'm sure someone will point it out to me and I can do it then, hope they don't flame me too bad :cool: